Hapa vipi?


Hadi ukamue ndo utajua hapa vipi


Mileage kama ya Boeing 737 from 1980 -2021.

15 years in the prostitution business

UEFA Champions league Chelsea walichukua

Shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka. Hapa tunaingia bila wasiwasi. By all means necessary

hapa utangengana na ugege brathe, but kunguru is a top favorite meal huku kaniaro

What about she is an Oriental woman from a small town , 15 years in trade, but the biggest d!ck she has ever received is 3.75 inches, do those 15 years still count ?

Mzee Manyau ghasia takataka


Siwezi mind kulipa thao


Siwezimind kulipa uber


Purely hypothetical.This size is not even found in Asia.

In 15 years on the streets she must have served all sizes.

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From experience, such women harbour a cocktail of deadly STIs na hawakosangi UTI at any given point in time. Dry fry at your own risk. Kwanza akue mkamba.