Hapa,,Uhunye had taken FAXE


Was like a sharp double edged sword

Guy is cool, calm and solidly present. Kama FAXE inatokeaga hivi, nipewe pia.

I also suspected he was high.

His a one term president anyway. What an embarassment of a president. Hao uvuta bhangi na sonko

To criticize your own shoe you must need a boost ,either Divine intervention boost or moods alternation tools boost …so in this case my prerogativeness tends to lie to the divine choice not FAXE…


@Jakoyo kuja utuletee hii story ya affidavit ya corruption ya Devolution C.S kiunjurichieth

Meant devine but you know what I meant :D:D

UK is likeable with his laidback demeanor, whether he is doing enough… Mmmm I doubt. He needs some dash of makufuliness and not whining about how waiguru is still free to imply she is innocent.

He had always planned to act/to say that only that he didn’t have the guts when he was sober. It’s said that alcohol has guts, but it’s good he didn’t spare judiciary though I don’t expect much to happen. Up to the time that a big fish will be jailed ndio tutatii. For now these are gimmicks to hoodwink the minnows

Uhunye is a good president kina mama ngina ndio wanamu controll vibaya . hata baba akiwa PM kina nyongo waliiba NHIF na Mahindi na hakuna chenye walifanywa Orengo akaiba na cartel Lands pia , so simind Uhunye .

The constitution is the problem , look at it this way , anything small -people have right to be represented in court of law ,while at the court -people have rights to be bonded ,while being bonded -people have a right for the case to be heard for as long as evidence is slowly coming by, as the evidence is slowly coming by- people have a right to offer “gifts” and favors to investigating officers…so at this point is uhunye supposed to jump in …no why …separation of powers . Fix the damn constitution first then blame presidency … mpe powers like moi did and Kenya will shine .

I personally not a fan of his politics but I have come to admire his character. He has this appealing character that I know very few politicians do have .

You are an embarrassment to all former beach boys(now toy boys) in the diaspora.

There’s nothing wrong with the constitution. It is us as Kenyans and our institutions that have a problem. If the arms of the government supplemented one another rather than competing against each other and if the systems surpassed the egos of the office holders we would be somewhere. There’s nothing wrong with the doctrine the problem lies with the followers.

I agree.i guess we should go to the street like IEBC style and remove those EACC People from office


I have never understood the purpose of forming EACC. If not to complicate the whole process of fighting corruption. Same question I have about NTSA.

kwani huko Min of Devolution kuna nyama kiasi gani. Hata pastor vegeterian akiwekwa huko lazima atakula nyama

Kiunjuri was dirty even during the days of the grand confusion government.

Kiunjuri si ni ule waliiba vitu na kuchoma afisi pale Inda ili records zisipatikane?!!!