Hapa tucheswa ama????

Guys…are we already in war and don’t know it yet.
Is this the usual propaganda of the international bully tryna declare war on China…if its legit, why not make it international breaking news.
Be the judge

This is nothing new really. Huawei for instance invests over 15% of their annual revenue into research. That’s a lot of money.

Most of that money heads back to western universities. In short they bribe these campuses with billions of dollars to give them research. And these universities don’t mind being bribed. It’s free money.
Huawei is so blatant that they openly operate a U.S based research firm for buying and stealing student research as well as govt. and company research. (The U.S govt often contracts U.S campuses to conduct research on their behalf.) This huawei firm that openly buys the research is called Futurewei. A real organisation .

One would then ask why doesn’t Huawei invest that money into Chinese universities back home and groom home grown talent.

Even the us stole all their research from Hitlers nazi germany . hapa ndio sisi waafrika tulianguka mtihani.we should take advantage of the ties we have with the Chinese and at least start manufacturing even toothpicks

@patco why did you quit the village?

Why aren’t the chinese trying to steal research from uonbi or any other kenyan universities or research entities? You should be more concerned about that!

Wacha ujuaji

You are one of the few people who use their brains on ktalk. Wewe sii kama @Randy and @Nanyundo .

I am reformed i wont be responsible for your high blood pressure. … you is too old and fragile anything can happen. Have a blessed sunday.

RnD is very expensive and time consuming out of 10 RnD projects probably one would go into production and that is after many years ! China is frog jumping the west by stealing research by paying like in the attached vid, plating spies or hacking ! Granted they too are investing heavily on their own research too ! and iM sure America is also trying underhand tactics to steal from them too ! They are experts at removing specs n their neighbors eyes !