Hapa sielewi

When one before sleep places Akombe and Asufuria at the door, is it keeping IEBC demons away or what?


Homemade security alarm system hehe

:)rudimentary alarm. doesn’t work when in alcohol induced coma…didn’t miss the joke:D:D:D:D

Momo nipe nyap ama @uwesmake Akujie mkia…no way around here…unasumbua


There are husbands whose stealth in creeping in in the wee hours is ghost-like. They can even walk on dry leaves without making the crunching sound. Bibi anaamkanga anampata kwa kitanda.

When you’re married to such you need these measures to alert you when he comes home.

When you try to open the door Akombe falls on Asufuria causing a mighty racket.
Somilar to this. [ATTACH=full]133703[/ATTACH]

Andu aria maraga mbecha riu mundu no oke akombe

Huku ni kwa mama Clichy …:smiley:

Hehehehe…hau ní sawa!

:smiley: unajaribu kuambia @Guru aje.

mundu no akombe handu haria? ndi horu mani

Si utanunua akombe mingi sana?


:)ni yeye nilikuwa naambia

Hau ní haritùha hanini todù maùdù marya nyonetío ni adù a itùra rírí…wueeh! Ndigacokera riigi

You think our wives care?

tippy toe

Za mabati ndio fiti…hio ya mama Clichy ni ya upus kabisa!

Reminds of the this song


Akombe akombe…