Hapa Rwandan President H.E Paul Kagame ameniangusha

Just a day after he oversaw the launch of direct Rwandair flights from Kigali to Mumbai, John Mirenge the CEO of Rwandair has been fired by the president and replaced him with an army colonel. This was quite a brilliant CEO who grew the fleet size, route network and brand name of Rwandair. The airline will introduce direct flights to London next month on 26th & also to New York later this year. I hope hakufutwa juu ya ufisadi.

ION, naona Airbus & Boeing competition is increasing. Both debuted new planes last week. Airbus 319neo & Boeing 787-10


We need an affirmative president like that here. But I doubt Kenyans and their clamor for individual rights and civil rights nonsense plus democracy plus independent courts would make the best of his efforts come a cropper.

I have a deep hate for communists, dictators and totalitarian governments

Let us not mention 470 anyway its not a government per se


The A319/20 family has out competed the 737, lakini 787 imechapa a330 and it seems pia itachapa the smaller a350s

Kagame apana tambua