Hapa ndo usingo madha umemfikisha

How would you handle this if it was your sister, cousins or any other female related to you.



Crazy woman, I must say. Someone should educate these women that a man doesn’t have your key to life. Who says that a man must provide for you to live? Independence in women is lacking!


alipanulia nani kwanza…hatuogopi vitisho sisi



You know what the funny thing is? it is you the womenfolk who taunt singo mothers/unmarried women/married women with no kid(s). For example during those tu chama meetings u hold i understand a lady with out a husband can’t speak unless spoken to. U also go back biting the same ladies…ati “wachana na Aggy hata bwana hawezi pata” u then continue “ndio aggy ni singo mum lakini ni singo mums wangapi tunajua ambao walipata mabwana later”…These kind of statement(s) make women not ready for marriage or having kids make the wrong decisions later in life

Meanwhile: Team mafisi are already on this poor lady’s inbox pale app. Expect her to carry another baby soon


And the way she has a cute baby girl… aniletee huyo dame nitamlea

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I wish this country had active social services to safeguard children who may be at risk of harm, whether from family members or others. The kinds that would make some fear posting such things on social media. But then again if she isn’t an attention seeker ,she might be considering doing it. :frowning: I’m glad some people are trying to reach her.


I refuse to comment.
My momma told me that if you have nothing good to say,you shouldn’t say it.

I love my momma.


Mwambie mtoto ni kismart ama akifanya hivyo ataenda korokoroni

Nowadays people write stuff without reasoning and later they begin regretting.


Yeah you are right, i have visited her FB page and she is really enjoying the attention she is receiving but when all the fun and games are over she will regret it

It’s just sad, the next thing we will be reading is, police have arrested jepngetich for killing a baby so as to get married

What’s happening to this digital society?

ION, by the time someone is writing something down, they normally have already given it some serious thought. This should not be treated as just another FB joke that’s in bad taste. Her sentiments should be taken seriously.


Cute kid

It has happened. Less than two weeks ago a single mother killed a child because the prospective husband did not want to take care of another man’s child.

Very sad:(

That kid will never forgive her for that statement, when she grows up and see this.

If she does something crazy to her kid, she should get death penalty for premeditated murder. After such utterances, no sane man can make her a wife. Huyu atakuwa single mother forever looking for men who will misuse her and leave. Only Jesus Christ can give her the peace of mind she craves.

these is a crazy case…police report is needed here.

Very stale joke. Hope it is !

That Wa Mwangi guy lost his job at KAA for joking about sex with minors. This foolish woman should be in a police station somewhere if we are to use the same standards of Justice.


I really doubt that. This is just an attention seeking airhead looking for fb likes. Really pathetic.