Hapa Ndipo JAP imetufikisha in Nyeri. See Photo




Ngaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Wapi nyama yangu

They say a pic is worth 1000 words

do you condone this NV?

http://www.nation.co.ke/image/view/-/3442100/medRes/1481571/-/e8l5inz/-/R2.jpghiyo ni avunja kwa sura ya mtu? Kuna kupigwa design ingine unashangaa kama ni nyoka ama binadamu.

This just too brutal, he could have used other less violent ways to subdue that guy.

I see where you are coming from.

watu wa opposition wamezoea risasi. hii wanaona ni kama jamaa anadarwa na kiatu.

occupational hazards…it’s time kenyans learnt to obey the police when ordered to disperse (for their own good!)…

You are a despicable heap of excrement. how can you say that just because you are pro government?

no sir, not because i am progovernment. two reasons; one - any human being’s first responsibility is for their own safety; its is stupid to go pester a beehive with a short stick and two- i am for an orderly society; everyone has the right to picket, but in the manner prescribed by law…heal your soul…

Hip ndio @vuja de husema wakwata mbona kîti

Kwani tunajua stori ilikuwa nini? Mi sitaweka mafeelings without a proper story.

@gashwin but maybe your day will come Sir. And, we will be on the side lines analysing your shit like that.

Sorry, nikama nilihata hiyo link. Nimesoma story. Whatever their crime, the police should treat people with dignity. If they behave like this in full view of people, imagine what they can do in the cover of darkness: Remember the people who disappeared or found dead just because the police thought wao ndio sekali and can do anything without having to account for it? You comment hapo juu encourages this behaviour.

hasty retreat, eh? Hehehhe.

do not wish evil on your debate adversary. please add a “God forbid” somewhere…

All cops behave the same the moment you resist arrest. Even the Americans the purveyors of justice their cops always say you behave like an animal I treat you like an animal. #blacklivesmatter ngumijuuyahewa

So yule lawyer na client wake waliresist arrest I guess. Don’t excuse this behaviour. The police are a rogue unit and we all know it: Murders, moonlighting as criminals, bribes…they are Kenya’s worst seed.

I wish i was there…