Hapa ndio penye land speculation imetufikisha, nyumba ya 75 million in Nairobi.


$750k…sounds like an absolute rip-off for that penthouse.

Hiyo ni mansion Karen on half an acre with a swimming pool, tennis court, manicured lawn etc. Anyway, let birrioneas do their thing.

Here you’re paying for the view and the hype. No 4600sqft is HUGE.

Decor is wanting for the price. Wallpaper in 2021?

In a few years this will be for sale at 25M after Ruto is president and corruption money has dried up.

First of all, its not a duplex. The lighting in that house shouldnt be a selling point. Everyone nowadays has such ceilings. That guy as a salesman feels very forced. Then, he says he doesnt like the fountain!!!:oops: For Kileleshwa, 75m is not out of the ordinary.

You know on Riverside drive, 30 m gets you a 2 /3 bedroom apartment. No rooftop. That price is in line with that area.

Asking price seems inflated… It would go for 50M

Two words: money laundering

You can’t use one overpriced asset to value another overpriced asset. That 2/3 bedroom is also a rip-off.

My point is, there are better ways to spend $750k on a home. But that is just my opinion.

There’s something called a market rate. It can be overpriced, but that’s the market rate.
Very subjective because not everyone wants a home as a single family residence. For example if you purchase a home in Karen, can you get those views?

You can rent the apartment if you desire the views. It would still be cheaper than buying it.

We disagree on so many issues but on this, we agree. Property prices in Nairobi are superfluous due to corruption and illicit in flows. Take the two out of the equation and see sales stagnate as they did just after the mop up of the old 1000 notes.

Way cheaper. Actually, an easy and simplistic way would be to fix the 75m say in treasury bonds and live off the proceeds. Assuming rent at 200k per months, you will still have over 5m to swing bells in town with after paying rent in addition to the flexibility of moving on short notice.

Hakuna shida hapo. People buy things according to what they feel it is worth. I once bought a watch costing 129,000/-, yet there are watches worth 2,000/- that function perfectly.

In other words, market always have a way of balancing itself. If no one feels it is worth the price, then there won’t be a buyer and the price will be reset.

Upus but is not even the most expensive apartment in Nairobi. I’ve visited some on General Mathenge that are on the market for 90 million shillings.

pesa ya corruption ndio imeharibu bei ya property

‘Overpriced’ is a word only used by economic illiterates. You’re just not the target market.

Also some of these crazy prices you see in the real estate market are just price testing to see if anyone will bite. Many times they humble themselves by dropping the price or just renting the place out.

10m is enough to build something better

hapo anaenjoy watu,this is a penthouse floor space ya sito pekee yake[ATTACH=full]371347[/ATTACH]
this is a duplex floor space,

Hii ya 75 ni size ya kinyos ya 5 seater.Id be surprised ikienda hata na 20

Wakenya na uongo jameni

Sii uongo. @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii hawks eggs in the boot of his range rover velar.