Hapa mtu hufanyaje sasa

Wangwana…nimepata wife ako Tinder…while passing over her phone…ndo huyo nakutana na 2 notifications from tinder…nikama hajui najua.


Buy a strap-on and some lube and tell her you want her to be the man in this relationship because you lost your balls a long time ago.

kendez mendez amesample

Very sorry for you sir. How many kids do you have?

If possible don’t confront her immediately. Create fake profile with fake pics of a successful guy. Then go to a nearby pub and search for ladies within 2KM range. Match with her begin chatting. Ask her very many personal questions e.g. how comes a pretty lady like you is not married?

Organize meet up and agree on price. Have another number she can call on. Meet in a classy hotel for what you tell her is food and fingerlickking sex. Bust her then Sasa Kanda ianze.

I have a buddy 2 of his chic’s were on that app.

Am i the only negro who has never downloaded tinder… sikuizi kila mtu anaimba tinder wtf is so intresting about tinder?
Ruuuuuun mudafaka…

buana unaongeza spirit kwa kidonda fresh omwami…apana musuri iyo…

True. Engage her on tinder first so that you can be sure on her true intention then confront her with the facts

Oooh shait

May be she is just gauging whether she is attractive. It could be just for curiosity. But you will have to find out

Anza kutafuta exit strategy.


I have also never done it, will never do it

@cortedivoire amebang… amelipa less than 149 bob

Marriage is a scam made to benefit the woman

Nishawahi pata bibi ya jirani huko jamaa hajui ameoa malaya

How do you think they are able to purchase plots in Kamulu and Ruaka behind your back? Other men’s money. Slowly I’m coming to the realization that some of you niggas are naive and dumb as fuck… As we say, hii kitu haina mileage ama last seen… God made it to be distributed to men of value, so value yako ikishuka na hupewi; jua someone is eating it… Haina odometer, itapata mileage ya Japanese import while you feed it and clothe it…:D:D:D

But betas fuel the economy, endeleeni kuoa and making wives out of hoes… And you’ll continue to be surprised mpaka upate stroke ama hasira zikuonyeshe you kill everyone in your household.

Hizi ni shida aina gani mko nazo?

Siku hizi umalaya iko online…I ma very sure all those who used to peddle kwa streets and club brothels are not starving. problem is that they are getting stiff competition from the wives.
Lodging ziko open bado na ziko very busy during the day in the last two weeks.

:D:D:D Kubali matokeo. Umeoa kunguru. Umesalimia @10000 OTHERS