Hapa Kuna Mungu kweli?

Church service, Nyeri

Hapo ni sewage tu. Kakuna Sir Jah


Utajua kwanini peak days za lodges huwanga jumapili.

She is suffering from steatophygia

I think you are the one suffering from gayism

Kindly read extensively on the word satire and look up the definition of steatophgia

Amevaa tunic zile za PE ndani ya dress?

Who told she is suffering gaylord. Deal with your boney assed girlfriend without spilling frustration publicly

Gathee check the meaning of steatopygia

That picture has been doing rounds in the internet since 1925 July.

@digi kïhiiiiiiiiiii humbwa koko taktaka ya manispaa chiet ghaseeer ibilisi mkuu

Fearfully and wonderfully made.