Hapa Kenya Jela Ni Likizo Ya Maskini

With money you can buy freedom and justice, without it you are worth less than cow dung. Don’t expect Babu Okino to spend much time in Remand or Prison. He will be out soon just like Gov Obando who slaughtered a pregnant crow, Tom Cholmondeley who fvcked up 3 men, and the list goes on. People who don’t have deep pockets such as Jowie are the natural born tenants of the state when it comes to high crimes.

Babu Okino needs to be exterminated on the streets just like his friend Jacob Kuma

Kikuyu hii.

Na jee yule mwenzenu?

I mean all. I don’t care about tribe. Hata Wakikuyu. Are you happy now?

:D:D Over the fucking moon!

Kweli kabisa. Such murders are best solved mundu khu mundu

This kîhîî should be shot dead before he causes more harm

Hehehe ati jowie