Hanging or Life Sentence?

[SIZE=5]Hanging or Life Sentence?
A horrific story that still shocks me[/SIZE]
Thugs gang raped a woman as her husband watched helplessly before robbing the couple of cash, a motorbike and valuables at Mayoni village in Matungu, Kakamega County Tuesday night.

The man said the attackers, about twelve in number descended on him with rungus and later tied his hands before they led him to bedroom where his wife was sleeping. “They forced me to watch as they raped my wife in turns until she was gasping for breath,” he told journalists Wednesday. According to him, they appeared not to be in any hurry as each one of them whetted their appetite waiting for their turn.

“It was a horrible sight, seeing the men rough up my wife and rape her.” He said the thugs demanded Sh300, 000 from him and threatened to kill him together with the wife unless they parted with the cash.

At one moment, the attackers did the unthinkable by forcing the husband to open wide his mouth in which they urinated in turns. “They forced me to swallow the urine and told my wife to start licking my manhood after which they hit me hard with a blunt object in my genitals and fled immediately,” narrated the man. He said the incident has left his family devastated. “My wife and children do not want to live here anymore following the harrowing experience, I don’t know what to do next,” he explained. Area Police boss Louis Ronoh said investigations have been launched to find the criminals. He said police are doing everything within their means to have the culprits arrested. The man is now appealing for security arguing his life and that of the wife and children was in danger.
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000206996/thugs-gang-rape-woman-urinate-in-husband-s-mouth

starvation to death, hanging is too quick

This reminds me of a certain nigga back in the day. Unaona pale museum hill …dude was escorting his g-friend kuchukua matt late night when they were accosted by machokosh…waliwapeleka base hapo chini ya bridge and raped his GF jamaa akiona. FFWD…jamaa aliwachana na huyo mresh.

Burn on a slow burning fire

Alafu mwizi akipewa mbembe munasema ati extrajudicial killing.


Wa drainiwe damu wafe a slow painful death daaamn! Usaitan kabisa.

What about an eye for an eye? kata wao mikono miwili. Then castrate them. Alafu achana nao.

Umeniangusha leo, i expected something mOre cruel and very painfull

@uncle nyam,why,why,why?

Just have their backs broken and paralysis will be a sure and painful justice to them.

Lisha wao mbembe @pamba
We surely have to contain the ever increasing population of useless creatures

hii ata sijui… slow torture I guess for days… beastly unimaginable…

Ng’oa makucha mbili daily, zikiisha ng’oa meno yote, halafu weka solitary confinement bila light.

we forgive them since they did not know what they were doing.
it was the devil who entered those good and harmless children of God,
let the government rest the case and blame satan.
in the mean time lets pray for those 12 disciples who did that act,not to indulge in such temptations.

At least kwa hii thread huwezi skia ‘these people’.Umeona mpaka Jirani vile ameweka comment mature?

hehe huyo ni yule msee huongea sana kwa kijiji, am sure he had annoyed someone somewhere and it definitely involves politics.

There has to be more to this story. The way these thugs acted was a act of vengeance either against the man or woman. Just speculating. Either way it is totally horrific.

its what you get for double crossing friends

Sasa chokosh rudi ma-pipani, kunguni wewe! mbona kutupa hekaya ambayo haina msingi wowote?