Handwriting ya Kapote Siwezi shindwa kujua


hehhehehe mbaangi mbichi kama ya @Tom Bayeye

:D:D:D:D:D,chokoza tu ,kesho utapata dose yako ya encyclopedia , dissertation , thesis and reports via office Wi-Fi.

Hiyo assignment itakuwa nullified for the whole class, hope the lecturer ain’t that weak fcuker by the name of Jim Love.

Kapote ought to be in a polyamorous relationship, only that can drain Her energy levels.

The time stamp on the message inasema it was 9pm and he was already in bed.


Ame block Kila mtu kwa hii site

Why do some folk go kukus when they learn that someone has blocked them and does not wanna read them? si you return the favour kindly? else sitting there whinging does not help.

I’m also asking the same

Some gibberish. Sielewi.