Handshake Thievery Revealed - Watajua Hawajui


Good opposition work there! Seems we’re going to have a vibrant govt soon and an opposition which keeps the govt. On toes

Hapo sawa, wapi johnte makali?

Gatheca ni meffi imeoza ya doggie

The moron has been borrowing recklessly for years. Sasa ameshindwa kulipa ana-auction state assets. The ghasia should be held personally liable for those debts. He has bankrupted the country.

Why was this thing kept a ferking secret all these time?? When was it gazetted? Hapa ile wizi inafanyika is the mother of all greed in the history of Kenya. CS finance has confirmed that indeed such a deal is in place since 30th March. 30th March imagine! Normal govt deals are supposed to be done officially in front of cameras in statehouse, treasury or any other government-sanctioned public place. Why cut deals in Mombasa in the guise of Baba’s birthday?? Kumbe hizi trips za baba to Dubai zilikua kuuza nchi?? Who remembers M. Kuria in Dubai saying that a big deal was in the offing there akiwa hospitalized? People thought it was Kuria announcing his switch to Azimio. He even met and took pics with ule kijana manoki wa baba.

The meek explanation with which Yattani has answered to the allegations point to a thief caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. Deer in headlights moment. And why offer our ports away weeks to the election?

Kenya has been sold no doubt. Sold to a private company in Dubai. We know the owners of the company are ferking Kenyans.

Again who remembers when Yattani’s son was caught at JKIA with $4m cash akienda Dubai. Any Kenyan with a double digit IQ anaweza shikanisha ile mambo inaendelea hii Kenya.

Saa hii hata wale watoto wako hujapata bado wako na deni. If they tell you the truth, you will demonstrate and possibly start an uprising a.k.a remove them from power.

Nobody will do shit, politicians juju still in effect for now.

Costs of living ndio ingeleta ngori and bado haijapandisha joto vile inatakiwa. Kenyans have a yorke on their necks, the only thing they can do is get f****ed more

Government apologists @johnpombe , @Simiyu22 , @Kahuni Maisha , @TuTu aka @gashwin , @Mengele , @othello hebu kujeni mtuambie mbona CS finance aliweka hii kitu chini ya maji until leo imelipuka

This is really worrying, I wonder what else has gacheca auctioned off. And what ever happened to turkana oil and Mombasa refinery?

Kuna mtu anaenda retire in one month na hana private jet. Hiyo Gulfstream lazima mtanunua mpende msipende.

This is one big ripoff that almost went unnoticed lakini ngamia zingine bado zitasema ni politics!

Tumbo ya Uhuru inaendelea kuwa kubwa Tu.

They are thieves…all o dem lot., sellers, tunaonewas, and the tutatoboa kwasababu hamkutugawia.
The worst part is we all know this yet some nigga has the audacity to come here, vomit on our should by lauding this as “good opposition work”:meffi:
Nugu ino

Can you tabulate what’s been auctioned.

There was never high enough commercial oil deposits to justify investment past exploratory phase.

Acha ufala. Sasa ni kujifanya zuzu? Hujasoma hizo documents from mdvd?

I am not defending the government here. But tupee factual evidence like Arror Dam proof. Huyu Mudavadi is the person who approved Goldenberg payments. Akarushiwa nyumba hapo Riverside Drive. Suddenly you want us to believe he is a anti-corruption crusader?
Very low level IQ language, btw.
"If it looks like a duck, swims like
duck and quacks like a duck, then it probaby is a duck.

Why are you mixing issues?

We saw Uhuru signing Kimwarer and Arror contracts : That’s the only evidence. Apart from that, maybe you can show us so that we can know the quality of evidence that you are looking for.


Asanta. I simply asked for info, si ati nilipinga.
But remember, Kimwarer/Arror, there’s court documents.