vipi Wadau.
Yesterday i spent the whole afternoon in a city Police station trying to negotiate with CID from Naivasha not to charge and arrest my cousin and her son.She bought a second hand Techno pale kawagware.The Techno had been reported stolen in Naivasha, from the complainants Vehicle with other several items .The prime suspect is currently in remand .The CID in Kenya are meticulous,he showed up with with the IMEI No ,call logs,location etc of my cousin and the son.We parted way with close to 50k after serious negotiation wasi mpeleke pale Naivasha.

Avoid second hand phones at all cost.


A friend of a friend spent 4 yrs in langata women after buying a phone in a salon, Kumbe mwenye simu had been murdered. In total 11 people had been arrested. The prime suspects bado wako ndani.
Simu ya Street ambayo haina warranty na receipt siwes nunua, acha nikae na X-tigi yangu


Damn: I know of a mboch who reports every Friday at a city police station for being caught with a cheap phone whose owner was spending precious time in a ward. She bought it from one of the vijanas wa mtaa. So bad.

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There was this thread: https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/simu-kama-unauziwa-bila-receipt-achana-nayo.18810/#post-361067
Wueh…jamaa is jailed for life


It all boils down to greed. Ata juzi kuna kijana najua alispend siku tatu ndani na akapart na 20k juu ya huu ujinga. And only because the victim (a pregnant woman) forgave him. She understood that he’s not the one who attacked her. Hiyo 20k ilikua tu ya polisi coz hawawezi fanya kazi ya bure. In total he parted with 26k (he’d already paid 6k for the phone). Everyone thinks they’re smart. Hii mambo ya kununua second hand phones watu wameambiwa na hawaskii.


Buying 2nd hand gadgets nowadays from someone without proof of how it was obtained is risky. They can be tracked quickly. Better stick to a cheaper option but bought in a legit place. As a cop once told me, “utanyongwa”.

When the deal is too good don’t even think once just … RUN!!!

I need to track a phone that was stolen. Anyone who can help?

Police are more meticulous these days in order to get more money

We have been saying this since the era of Sagem. Never buy a second hand phone from someone not very well known to you and it has to come with complete proof of ownership.

Ata ikuje na form 34 Z for verification mimi owes na owes nunua

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Now you guys don’t know that Kawangware is the Hotspot for stolen second hand handsets sale…?? It’s like all stole phones end up there… My dad lost a phone and it ended up there… He also went with some cops… Another friend of mine bought one and ended up being arrested too akapart with 30k… I can give you along list…

Can someone explain to me why one would buy a second hand phone when brand new ones are affordable???

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its cheap.kama hio she bought at 5G’s

There was a time i used to do these deals, kuchukua phone kwa beshte ako na shop hapo moi avenue, list it google trader, then sell it.
One day i came across a phone which had had not been erased contact list. Most of the phone numbers were for police, cid, OCS, OCPD, immediately nilirejesha phone na nikaacha hiyo biashara.


You can just buy it,reflash the stock rom and change the imei number… wajinga ndio washikwao


Uko sure hii si mujamaa alikuwa amesave maMWK ka ocs, cid, ocpd et al to avoid detection by the wife :D:D:D


Kuna wale wa kupushuu simu kwa gari/matatu, tunawaona.

My bae @Nananimpa talked about handling a simmilar case. Her client was in for buying a stolen phone. Simu bila receipt acahana nayo. Jana some talker pia akasema of a guy who bought stolen phone ya Muthaura when he was still head of civil service

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Stolen phones are kitoweo ya askari. They really like these cases