Handling rejections...

Kukataliwa nikawaida:-

This steps makes it much better.

1)forget the bitch.
2)delete no.
3)block her on social media.
4)ingia xvideos.com.
5)get a hoe.
6)move on

haha way too extreme man

Ndio imenisaidia sahii…

sawa buda boss ndio umepita Xvideos saa hii inakaa :D:D Next stop CBD!

I used to take rejection hard when growing up till one day when I saw our village womanizer hero being rejected by the most unattractive lady in the whole entire village then I realized it’s part of the game.


Men don’t take rejection well.

Ata kama hujakataliwa lazima tuchungulie hapa kiasi.

Shikilia hapa

Rejections ziko, assume you never knew the bish. after all we have plenty of them around, better than her fr that matter

I don’t think it is fair to blame women if they deem that your genes aren’t worth transmitting. Kumbe watu wanaumia huku :D:D Including the bottom of the barrel like @Eng’iti . Nimeona mbona anakuwanga amekasirika 24/7



So tell us how you have never been rejected and fvckd all Nairobi women in your bed?

or just jump to another tree like a forestmonkey

Always have a chic on the sides for soft landing but if you read the signs early enough, do the dumping so that you don’t feel heart broken.

Handle it like an unsuccessful job interview, accept that it has elicited an unpleasant feeling (hii mambo ya oh sijui am a man kwa hivyo siskii kitu wachia highschool boys )…also do mhp(multiple hooK placement)…the Same you send multiple job application… Spread betting kwa lugha ya mainvestor


mimi nikilengwa ama kukataliwa huwa ata sisumbui

huwa naskiza ile ngoma ya love bump riddim ya wade wayne

l love you too much to ever start liking you

una avoid yeye asikuwekee friend zone

90% huwa wanarudi lakini the feeling is gone

Kukataliwa ni part moja poa sana in life, hunikumbusha kuwa sio kila kitu nataka naweza pata and substitutes haziwesi kosa hata kama ni pokoste bora shuma irare ndani kwani iko nene? Vile wahenga wa Ktalk walisema ‘‘ukiwachwa achika’’.

You win some, you lose some