Hand Sanitizers, Empower the Village Woman!

I am watching Debarl and his cabal! The claim that " the National Govt needs to go for a crisis production of sanitizers".Mr Kirubi and others can produce such stuff in plenty( iodine,jik etc). However the woman in Busia/Siaya etc should get the tender to produce alcohol for such purpose. That is economic empowerment! It is needless to import alcohol based hand sanitizers. The villagers can sell the alcohol to entities that can package it well.

Kenyans would rather drink those sanitizers ingredients walewe, than protect themselves from the virus. We are a special breed of stupid.

Google ethanol deaths in Kenya uone vile you live next to idiots.

Chief wacha ukali

I agree, but the issue is empowerment, and education. Methanol deaths are because the producers are not trained enough…

People were doing this in other countries too

Sanitizer iko na 60% alcohol level, nakunywa iyo gitu nakufa