Hamtasamehea chochote?


Huyu ni @kip001

Disability is not inability :smiley:

bora si under age sioni shida iko wapi ku admit alikuwa anadinya disabled.

during my LLB equality unit i remember we were taught about article 27 of the COK 2010 whereby everyone is to be treated equally under the law, where we derive affirmative action .

SUBSTANTIVE equality is the best on the marginalized groups compared to FORMAL equality .

also article24 of the CRPD says on abled differently people we are to use assisted method not substitution method .

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Chief wewe ni masta kwa maneno ya mashimo:D

Hehe. Unapatikana ukikula chizi unaambiwa umuoe na upeleke mahari

Must be @Kibiwott Kangogo. Stupid load of fcuk that one.

8 bloody months!
Those were very expensive nights you paid for, for pushing the wheelbarrow. Besides, everybody there now knows you’re a thief–you were even jailed for it!


Only a retard like @PHARMACY aka @LeVoyeur will believe this nonsense

uwesmakende ni lawyer kwa bank lakini 2010 si ulikua ushamaliza uncle

bro, hakuna unit kama Equality kwa course ya sheria.

@Kumbaffu hebu kiasi. Is this nigga serious?