Hamna Akili?

The highest level matiang’i can reach is being a governor, Kisii county.

Ruto is using his political muscles, Matiang’i is using powers borrowed from his master.

A case of a slave being arrogant to small landowners because his master owns big land.

Where is Kimemia? Where is Muthaura? Where is Ndegwa Muhoro? Matiang’i is just a younger version of Nelson Marwa.

The man you are despising today (Ruto) can easily become your mother’s (Raila ) boyfriend.

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tell them sani tell them

Naona Fred Matiang'i ameanza kurusha ngumi. - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

The thread above by @Yunomi , really rattled you.

Matiangi should remember 48 laws of power . Law 1 . never outshine your master

Who’s his master, Uhuru or Ruto?
Can’t be both.