hamkufanyia huyu msee poa


This takataka usually chills at his Koinange street hotel daily looking very defeated . I’m sure he regrets and wonders what he could have done different.

Aombe sana hiyo mali isikujiwe.

All the while he has been in power, cant he afford to cheza chini ? call managers of his businesses instead of hovering around town showing his defeated self to the already tired public ?

Account zili-freeziwa, sahii lazima awe hawk-eyed kwa zile biashara zinaleta kakitu. I’m sure when he was gafana he never used to give a fuck about sales, profits and such annoying distractions coz alikuwa anadip mikono kwa county coffers. Hao employees najua sahii wametense juu mkubwa ako hapo hawajisort ka kitambo.

The power of moving on, better that, than sitting in a corner sulking, and feeling self pity for ya self.
Next on the chopping board is Sonko.

Corona ikiisha Waititu will be laughing all the way to the bank if his two 3-star hotels aren’t seized by anti-corruption bloodhounds. Hotels mbili CBD sio mchezo. He might even get enough cash to buy his way back into politics. Just wait and see. This guy will make money hand over fist and he might have enough cash in 2022 or 2027 to campaign. Those two properties are his ticket back in.

He will survive. The dude is very street savvy.

Baba Lao ako sawa when life gives you fingerlings you make them omena and eat. 2022 huyu muyamaa atapewa hata women rep hata kataa :D:D

That guy has hundreds of millions of stolen money in his account. He is doing better than everyone here in ktalk

Jamaa bado ako na pesa mingi. From his days of “hustling” huko Ruai to cash from garbage collection cartels na hizi hoteli zake CBD.

Chances are he will be in the next govt thanks to pledging allegiance to the young jogoo aka Giddy

Tourism and hospitality are dead. Hizo sector hazirudi for like 5 yrs. And Corona haitaisha. Mtaskia it has mutated. Hehehehe…