Hamas caught everyone napping

Mbona roundi hii CIA hawajakuja na ile BS yao ya “US intelligence CIA was aware of the attack minutes/hours/days/weeks/months beforehand”?

Israel is a paper tiger Wacha battle hardened heszbolla fighters with antitank rockets waanze assualt ndiyo mtaona


The so call EVIL Muslims saved the Israelis fleeing Europe during the 1930s/1940s Holocaust only for the refugees to change tact and evict the HOSTS. Wauwawe Maumbwa


Because they are the ones who planned the thing!

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CIA went woke. FBI now kazi ni kufuata MAGA supporters calling them domestic terrorist.


in war, there is no winners, Israel have died and so are those arabs, even if Israels kill all those arabs in gaza, others will still be born and another time israels will be killed.

It calls for peaceful co existence, the only way is handshake, uhuru showed the world the way just that they don’t want to listen.

Netanyau :rofl: and hamas leaderships needs to sit down, discuss and adopt a two state solution and most importantly do it in good faith for the masses.

Those women,ladies, young and old who died in Southern Israel died because their government failed them, with all the humiliation the arabs in gaza/westbank have gone through, with all the resources Israel have spent , its all in vain because on Saturday israels died in their own country.

Quite a shame actually, that Isreal receives 3.3Billions USD annually from yuess and yet such can happen.

Handshake will fix that conflict and people will leave, right now Israel Defence Forces is pounding Gaza and killing those men, but those men have kids and wives who will give birth to others with the same ideology.

Without handshake no peace. Problems is that Hamas is supported by Iran and others who believe Israel should not exist.,so hio handshake inafaa ikuwe tu roho safi. si waite uhuru awasadie na handshake na siku hizi nasikia ako idle kuamka ni saa sita mchana Gilbeys ikiwa sawa kwa freezer


And the intention may have been to let Palestinians attack and then use that as and excuse to flatten Gaza completely once and for all.

With time it will emerge that Israel had alot to do with it just like it emerged that US had alot to do with 911 attacks


There was indeed a travel advisory by the US embassy in Tel Aviv

Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Travel Advisory. Check the embassy’s October travel advisory regarding Gaza and West bank. This was no surprise, something large is cooking. It has started

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@BlackJudas is your head hit by a donkey, spilling the brain? No one was caught napping. All parties work for same party. Imam Seyyed Khamenei has been tweeting openly about their plans. The United States of America send funds to Iran openly to facilitate the operation.

All the concerned parties involved knew each others plans in advance, and know what benefits they stand to gain, and the cost they have to pay.

The two parties have calculated in advance the number of dead compatriots will be enough to pay the cost for what stand to gain.

Iran and US have calculated in advance the financial cost they will pay, for whatever it is they stand to gain.

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Please enlighten us what each of these 3 parties (US, Iran, Israel) stand to gain from this attack?

I am waiting for Hezbollah to join…
Also, the weapons they left(USA) for Taliban are the ones used. Own medicine tastes great.

The answers are slowly coming …

It was months of some clever planing and execution …

The attackers were hand picked , trained and equipped inside IRAN disguised as normal Iranian Forces Training …

The paragliders and rocket tubes were assembled from innocent looking crates of Industrial tubes and motorcycle and generator units …

Simple construction bulldozers were used to punch entries thru the less fortified wire fences and the automated machine gun towers behind them hit by drones dropping explosives …

The Mastermind: