Hamas and Netanyahu are in a coalition

This is why I can’t take sides on this issue: Both sides have made it clear that they don’t want peace.

  1. Netanyahu openly says that he allows funding to go to Hamas. This way he has an excuse to kill Palestinians in order to revive his career when he is on the brink of being ousted.


  1. Hamas aren’t interested in liberating palestinians. They are interested in enriching themselves. Like Taliban, Al Shabaab, ISIS etc, they have become billionaires while pretending to fight for Palestinians. They too will never seek peace.


  1. Hamas actually supports netanyahu because they are afraid that if a different Israeli prime minister would engage in dialogue


Hamas fears that Lapid might do the opposite: prioritize dialogue with the PA at Hamas’ expense, cooperate with Abbas against Hamas and work to restore the PA’s control over Gaza.

  1. Netanyahu doesn’t want peace. He wants to keep the fighting going so that he can stay in power and avoid facing corruption charges.

Some will say that this issue is not relevant to Kenya. But we have to learn from it. The same dynamic is at play with Al Shabaab and KDF. Al Shabaab are pretending to fight for Islam. In reality they are enriching themselves from Smuggling, forced taxation, protection money etc. Al Shabaab leaders are also incredibly rich. All these Kenyan youth who are deceived to go fight for Islam in Somalia should be told that they are going to die for someone to become rich. Al Shabaab are basically racketeers.

As for netanyahu, his behavior is not very different from Kenyan leaders who often incite one tribe against another to advance their political interests. So if a politician has convinced you to hate other tribes, know that you have fallen for the same propaganda. Theres no reason Palestinians can’t live in harmony with Jews. They don’t have to hate each other forever. Neither do Kenyans.

I would say the same about Israel and Al qaeda, IS

Nimewacha kusoma at ‘Netanyahu openly says that he allows funding to go to Hamas.’

Sound like some bullshit leftist lie that CNN would post because Biden has been unable to remove Netanyahu.

Your second article contradicts your first article. The money to Hamas doesn’t flow through Israeli hands.

Chaos is a ladder


‘Lord Petyr Baelish’

I agree, but the Palestinian civilians are in such close proximity that there is nowhere for them to run to during fighting even if they wanted to, because they are under a blockade. They should allow the innocent people to leave Gaza. It is the most densely populated place. Lift the blockade and allow people to leave, Somali civilians are allowed to for example

The leaders on both sides have their own interests, and the whole situation is layered like an onion, and its much deeper than this. Just allow the people to leave, dont enclose them in an open air prison like animals in a zoo

At his death, Arafat was worth $300m. I don’t know how many olives they planted in Palestine to raise that kind of net worth for one person.

This was reported by the Jerusalem Post which is the ultimate authority on Israel Politics. Soma hapa chini

Netanyahu explained that, in the past, the PA transferred the millions of dollars to Hamas in Gaza. He argued that it was better for Israel to serve as the pipeline to ensure the funds don’t go to terrorism.
Now that we are supervising, we know it’s going to humanitarian causes,” the source said, paraphrasing Netanyahu.

The prime minister also said that, “whoever is against a Palestinian state should be for” transferring the funds to Gaza, because maintaining a separation between the PA in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza helps prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman, who resigned as head of the Defense Ministry over Gaza policies, said on Saturday that the payments are a “miserable decision,” marking “the first time Israel is funding terrorism against itself.”

So the only bullshitter is you

Israeli can easily stop funds from going to Hamas. If you read the article I posted you will see that it is Israeli politicians who accused Nutty Yahoo of funding hamas. And nutty yahoo admitted that he does it to sabotage peace. But if you choose to bury your head in the soil like an ostrich basi shauri yako.

Haaretz, another Israeli newspaper says that Netanyahu and Hamas are working together to destroy Israel


Hii topic wachana tu nayo.

The truth shall set us free. Politicians are very selfish

Every newspaper is saying that netanyahu is the primary beneficiary of hamas violence

IN fact netanyahu appeases and soothes hamas because they help him stay in power


Despite some conspiratorial claims to the contrary, long-serving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not looking or hoping for a major conflict with the Palestinians to help him hold onto power.
To the contrary, over the past few years he has attempted to soothe Hamas, which has been designated a terrorist organisation by Israel, the US, European Union and other powers. While warning Hamas not to test Israel’s resolve, Netanyahu never tried to remove it from power in Gaza.

Instead, he made sure Israel maintained the set of unofficial agreements with Hamas (known in Hebrew as “hasdarah”) that have led to relative quiet. Netanyahu also allowed Qatar to transfer money to Gazans for infrastructure projects and, until the recent conflict broke out, limited the Israel Defence Force’s responses to the never-ending trickle of rockets fired from Gaza.

Netayahu knows fully well that the money transferred to gaza goes towards arming hamas so he is actively killing israelis and palestinians.

:smiley: you are trying too hard that it’s even comical.

Next you will say he sings for them lullabies using missiles.

I am not saying anything. I am just copying and pasting from Israeli newspapers.
Keep laughing. I know the truth hurts.

I told you that your specialty is muddying the waters.

It’s a style of USSR propaganda similar to whataboutism where instead of admitting an open truth, you instead make everyone to look dirty. :smiley:

You did the same with a.bortion. Rather than admit the clear cut line of which party stands where on the ab.ortion issue, you mix them both to show the shared sin. You dirty the waters.

Na sasa juu Hamas wameshindwa, again you mix both Hamas and Israel and even make very wild claims that they are working together. Then you post a few opinion pieces from leftist journalists who think the same.

Muddying the waters.

Peace is NOT profitable.

@hewa safi it was the same with Pro-Uhuru guys.

In 2016 if you said that Uhuru is corrupt, a jubilant would quickly jump in and add, “But they are all dirty it’s not just Uhuru. Dont point at Uhuru, all of these guys are thugs! He is the better thug!”

And then they would quietly slither away after destroying the thread.

It was the USSR way of ending a discussion. Instead of finding a solution to a problem,you point out the problems in general and then walk away thus the initial problem will never ever be discussed.

No wacheni please. Si umejionea juzi Biden akipatiana $235 million to Palestine? Juzi tu?

What happened? They immediately started firing rockets at Israel. Hamas now have the foreign currency, the dollars to import whatever they needed before and to pay salaries to even mercenaries.

How comes during Trump’s time they weren’t fighting? It’s because Trump wasn’t giving Hamas the dollars needed.

Trump had even cut funding to the U.N which gives money to Hamas via the UNRWA in Palestine.

But now you want to muddy the waters sijui it is America’s fault… no it isn’t!!!

It is Biden’s fault. That Democratic party has an agenda against Israel!

We can see Antifa on the streets waving Palestine flags. We both know who Antifa represents so stop implying sijui ni Netanyahu, Hamas or “the U.S” looking for profit, hii kitu ni clearcut.