Hamas accepts a two state solution

This puts Middle East on a path to peace and Israel on a path to victory. @hakimoto @rexxsimba


For the upteenth time. Stop consuming gutter mills

That guy is a respected Palestinian journalist trusted by even Israelis, what are you on about?

Israel accepts two states solutions, edit appropriately

Bottom Line :
It is not for Hamas to accept or refuse anything…
Any deal with Hamas is a waste of time …

It is like doing a deal with Mungiki to represent the people of Kenya.
Or Al Shabaab to represent the people of Somalia.

Hamas is an Iranian backed terrorist organization with only two goals: -

  • the destruction of the State of Israel.
  • the establishment of a pro-Iranian Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East.

The proper representative of the Palestinians is the Palestinian People’s Authority.


Those are who the US , UN , Israel and the entire world should recognize.


Why should we applaud Israeli swines? What the fucks wrong with you monkeys ?
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