Hall of Fame

@Deorro @admin nimekunywa changaa kidogo, and I’ve just hard an epiphany…
Anzisha a hall of fame list of the the biggest threads by total no. of likes.
This can be a list of threads where you can do serious recruitment of new members. If someone asks me what this site is about, I can quickly share this

Konjoa ulale.p

Naenda kubadilishia gari @shocks absorber

Boss, nice suggestion lakini nashuku the first 121 threads kwa hiyo list zitakuwa za Sex and relationships.

Yes, and threads za time ya election, admin can pick and choose to make sure no single category dominates

Niko mbali kiasi, siunajua end month lazima we flex na hii pesa kodogo ya muhindi

Huyo dem anaitwa Epiphany anaishi wapi?

Great idea there’s some really nice hekaya and tales deep down in the archives. I ran into them once in a while.

nah, politics. Remember the election megathreads.

Nice idea, kwa hiyo hall of fame yangu ya kusema niko na ball moja ikikosa najinyonga, I have suffered enough for sharing that personal and intimate info.

:smiley: is it true story ama ulisema tu kupima watu

To stir the pot a lilo bit…no one called you, amesema the real @admin…ketisha kende kule

Changaa ni hard drink kabisa. Kama ungekubali kwenda mogadishu sasa ungekuwa pale North Coast ukibangaiza na billionaires wenzako.

True story boss, October 17th, 2016, Guru Nanak. That date is embedded in my brain. I shared how I was suffering before I went to hospital, @Luther12 made a comment that startled me, I rushed to hospital. Within a few hours I was in theatre and my right ball was gone, just like that. Dr. Luther saved my life.

Where did the good doctor go?

He ate the ball and went nuts.

@Mundu Mulosi … Is it true that sometimes u feel an itch and scratch the empty space where it used to be as suggested by some crazy talker pale secrets? (Am sure u know who said it)

Coomernina! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D! Oh wait, could you have eaten your own foreskin the other day?