Half of 7bn of Afghan Funds to pay 9/11 Victims

In an executive order, Biden has decreed that Half of 7bn USD of Afghan Funds saved in US will be used to pay the victims of 9/11 (and other terrorist attacks) - inspite of the fact that the masterminds of the 9/11 emanated from Saudi Arabia. This even as the Afghan humanitarian crisis deepens. The banking system is on free fall.

Essentially meting collective punishment to the masses.

It would need court approval. It is unlikely to pass. Because Afghanistan will challenge. It’s largely a PR move.

An Executive Order by the President is difficult to overturn. Also, no many politicians will want to appear to be siding with the Afghans. Mid-term elections are just around the corner.

No it’s not difficult to overturn. Is it legal, is the question. An executive order is based on a opinion. No discussions beforehand. Do you know what the main reasoning behind the order is. That Afghanistan is not a country.

USA is the Global Terrorist. Mother of all terrorists = The USA

@patco leta maoni.

Most of the circuit courts judges are hard-core liberals.

Afghanistan should pay simply because the U.S stepped in to save them from a complete Soviet take over.

As a thank you the Mujahideen used their extensive NEW knowledge in modern fighting methods to poison poor Arab youth against the West and to also create a harsh Sharia based caliphate in Afghanistan.

If Osama hadn’t gone to Afghanistan maybe he wouldn’t have become radicalised.

India and Pakistan should also pay. Pakistan radicalizes Afghani youth in the hope that they will commit terrorist activities against India. As long as Pakistan and India remain neighbours there will never be peace.

India similarly has its own terrorist groups to attack Packistan, China and USSR.

USSR has it’s own terrorists to avenge against Pakistan and India.

China has its own groups to beat down India and Pakistan.

Iran meanwhile fights everyone even friends. One might wonder why Iran would attack Kenyan public sites whereas Kenya has more or less supported Iran in the past.

Hii ndo inaitwa BUCK BREAKING. Afghanistan is being used as an example to other nations of what will happen if you resist Western Imperialism.

Juzi tuu nimeona bonobo Zingine hapa sikisema vile wazungu wametusaidia nikashtuka sana. These guys are vampires. Their human rights crap is just a cover to allow gullible people to lower their guard…