Half Full or half Empty? Just Put Down the Glass

Stress. What is it really? Is it a bad thing? What does one mean that they are ‘stressed out’? Do you actually need stress to get going? As you can see, a lot is involved in trying to define stress, its causes and how to avoid it.

Simple definition

When people talk about stress they are actually talking about a reaction. In other words, stress is an evolved survival mechanism which is triggered by a situation in which your mind has to make a decision about. In such a situation, the question, ‘Am I safe or under threat?’ pops up. This in turn prepares the body on the ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ recourse. Once the threat has been dealt with, your mindset is restored to its former (unstressed) state.

How does stress affect you

There are 3 key ways in which stress affects you - physically, psychologically and behaviorally. Stress manifests itself on your body through sleep disruption, muscle tension, headaches, fatigue and viral infections. Psychological effects are harder to put a finger on and include pessimism (negative thoughts and self-talk), lower motivation and anxiety while behavioral effects on the other hand include changes in appetite, irritation, teeth grinding and crave for energy boosters. While some of these signs could point out to other issues besides stress, it is always recommended that you contact a physician.

Half full or half empty? Just put down the glass

A psychologist walked into a room where she was teaching about stress management and raised a glass of water with some water. Everyone expected to be asked whether the glass was, ‘Half full or half empty’ but to their surprise, she asked how heavy the glass was. As expected she got different answers. At the end of the day she revealed that the weight of the glass does not change but the longer one holds it, the heavier it becomes. Moral of the story; worries (read stress) is just like the water in the glass - the longer you think about it, the greater the toll it has on you.

Get rid of it

In order to get rid of stress, you have to figure out factors that cause it in the first place (stressors). Common stressors include uncertainty, fear, threats (could be financial, physical, social etc), cognitive dissonance (gap on what you’re thinking and what you have done about it), work or school related issues like bullying and so forth. Avoid them at all cost and if possible embrace holistic practices like Pranayama or Yoga. You can also bank upon some alternative practices like massage to relieve you of stress. One more thing, do the stuff you love every time you feel under pressure after all there’s nothing that life throws at you that you can’t handle, is there?

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