Halafu usikie ati Central tuko nyuma ya WSR ati Riwe Riwaro.... My fren Central watu wanaenda home daily : this plunder is unbearable ..ask Terryanne


Tuliona lini wakumbwa

Hii comment imefanya nikukosee heshima

This is new, are you actually blaming Ruto for suicide cases in central kenya/??? and not blaming him for suicide cases in other parts of the country??

Read the thread carefully my fren… Ask Terryanne Chebet… I can also give you her number… Wacha kusumbua bana :smiley:

I’m referring to the diminishing numbers of votes in CK… And why this is indirectly related to the current economic recession partly traceable to the Jubillee gravy party train

dogs will never change

na bado 3rd Eurobond iko on the way.

MR. @maizeroaster plus his fellow sympathizers will blame the incoming president 2022 for anything, my friend you will be shocked Ruto akikalia hiyo kiti unlike your crooked Raila Ojinga makende nyinyi

My God! I feel sick. I mean it.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

This is the exact reason why Ruto is spending his time in Coast, Luhyaland and having his lieutenants in the North campaigning.

By 2027, the Kikuyus will have ceased being the biggest politically relevant group in 254. 2022 will be the first time they won’t influence the direction of the vote since the Moi days.

Stupid reasoning right here…

Lol. Alcohol, unemployment, murders and suicides steadily finishing the gallant House of Mumbi:eek:

Poleni sana. Your Muthamaki sold you fools and your future offspring off for a song as y’all cheered and praised God for sending such a wonderful leader :D:D:D

Liwe liwalo!!!

Enda uka-massage Mike Ng’ombe wacha kelele bana :smiley:

While Musaina is laughing all the way to Exim Bank while whistling Chinese national anthem :smiley:

Well, you should be celebrating our diminished numbers since RAT will get a through pass . . . . But then deep down you know it’s a lie and reality hits you, RWNBP!

Achana na huyo tribalist bana…you cannot argue with such reasoning


Enjoy the years in the cold as Ruto becomes your next president.

Btw if you haven’t noticed, Muthamaki has ganged up with Muguruki, the man that your people kept abusing since 2006.

We have noticed, that’s why we’ve told kamwana that he too can go drying we can’t stand aguruki :D:D

he he he I think I need hot chocolate… RWBP like it or not