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Money places women at a huge disadvantage as far as long-term dating/relationships are concerned. A woman is not wired to submit to a man who earns less than her.

I do not know what happened in this woman’s marriage, but they all follow the same script. She began to out-earn the dude, disrespect crept into the marriage, and conflict became inevitable.

Simple phrases like “Usiingie nyumba yangu na viatu” get a totally different meaning if the house is actually hers.

If I am your wife’s boss, and you are a peasant, I literally hold your marriage in my hands :D:D. If I promote her to a level where she out-earns you, that’s the end of your marriage. Take that to Equity Bank Supreme Banking and cash it.

That’s why I always laugh when idiots attempt to open a business for their wives. They don’t understand that they are actively destroying their marriage because female nature won’t change. If she succeeds in that business, her true nature is to lose respect for you and she can’t help it. That’s the reality and there will always be a bunch of pu,s,sies who call you insecure for not actively ruining your marriage. If you earn $3000 per month, and she starts earning $8000 from that business, that marriage is dead.

Can’t top the wisdom poured out by @Azor Ahai

On the flip side if she is not business savvy. It will become a conduit to suck you dry. She will dust off her long lost relatives from the village and pay them ridiculous salaries, which will come out of your pocket “kuficha aibu.”
You will also have to continually inject capital into a failed business to keep up appearances with the Joneses. Ndio akuwa motivational speaker akienda kwa wamama anawadanganya ako na business acumen

Exactly. If she succeeds your marriage fails. If she fails, she ruins you financially. You literally can’t win if you foolishly decide to “empower” your wife by starting a business for her. Even worse, if she fails and you refuse to fund it any more, you will be on very bad terms. If she is hot, another man will readily finance that business at a cost obviously. There is literally no good that can come from that decision.

When opening a business for your wife , something must fail, your marriage or the business or both.

Afew things, what we’re they fighting about at 3 am in the middle of the night? My guess is she walked in drunk and had been from getting some deek…

Nowadays when a woman wants to leave they will start like this.

Ooh he was violent, he blabla… Saa hiyo anapigwa kuni on the side and ana mtu anaona ako na pesa kidogo…men stay woke, don’t accept any form of disrespect from these manipulators.

They always act victims of their own problems. They will talk disrespectfully and expect you to be calm…

If you listen to these toxic type,… no man is good, but they are married and still getting married to men…listen it is not that men are bad, she is just telling you that she found another. So listen and let her go

Amerix huwa anawafunza kila weekend to see these things but you all keep dismissing him.

brownskin homosexual sasa kasirika ufungue thread ya hio comment bullshittt

hii kijiji is full of wisdom, much thanks to @Azor Ahai nimesoma kitu leo.