Hakuna ugonjwa inaeza shika MCAs wote wadedi au wakuwe paralyzed?

[SIZE=7]MCAs Demand Sh3 Million Gym to Prevent Non-communicable Diseases[/SIZE]
Ward representatives in Busia County want a state of the art gym constructed within the assembly precincts.
The county assembly members on Tuesday took the first step towards achieving this as they unanimously passed the Culture and Sports Committee report that recommends the creation of the facility to keep them fit.
The MCAs said the state-of-the-art Sh3 million will strictly be for them and the assembly staff.
“Establishment of a gym within the assembly will help members keep fit and avoid contracting non-communicable diseases,” said Deputy Speaker Lawrence Okaale.
Nominated MCA Florence Ologi lauded the proposal while her nominated counterpart Nancy Okademi observed that the gym will help improve the performance of the Busia Assembly team during inter-county games.
Speaker Bernard Wamalwa gave the ad hoc committee up to February 2020 to table the report for implementation by the house.

Kweli kuna shida hatuwezi epuka kama wakenya.
I will only agree to this demand, if they’ve already built a community center with all the amenities.
Then they can have their gym

We is fucked…

@jumabekavu swali kwako !

I still laugh when I remember that one MCA who wanted a flight delayed simply because she is …wait…An MCA

Wakigonjeka na kukufa wataitisha 700 billion for medical & burial expenses.

Ruto alipinga ii katiba. Wakenya wakapitisha katiba juu wamesoma sana. Wacheni katiba ifanye kazi yake

Yes Rasta.

And may Konyagi 1 and Lootal deliver final strokes of theft and appointing fellow thief fossils in positions of power before 2022 to seal the deal of kenyan being ferked dfhkwmbl.

Tano Terror! Kumi Fresh :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Is he related to Morgan Freeman?
Asking for a friend…

Nothing other than sheer ignorance has stopped voters from recalling the MCAs.
Silence is acquiescence.

I remember Ruto having a meeting with MCA’s where he suggested that MCA salary iongezwe na wapate benefits kama za Mps. Let that sink in


More than FUCKED…