"Hakuna matata" now patented by Disney


eti first use April 2002.
Them Mushrooms wako wapi wapeleke hii watu kortini


Have they not realized that we moved on from “Hakuna matata tu Bora Uhai?”
Kuna vile wako nyuma

I saw some Seuth Afrcans arguing with Kenyans that Hakuna Matata is their phrase! But now none of them went ahead to patent it. damn

what a wonderful phrase!

Someone should patent the ktalk lexicon contents asap!

starting with DFHKM

Exactly how wonderful?

and then who benefits?

Niaje mathighs, there is a day you said something about your heart almost stopping ukasema you shall tell us about it, is this a good time?

Jesus will land before mathice opens his mouth

@Mathighs leta hekaya bana

The outrage is very mute. If it was patented by Chingchong studios, we would be on page 10 by now.

Hehe so tumtafute we waterboard him for the story?

hatuwes mpata, he is a bot

Ktalk lexicon is a brood of vipers do not approach you will lose IQ points repeat your intelligence quotient will go down [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]STAY AWAY OR YOU’LL BE SORRY YOUR BRAIN WILL LOSE NUERONS N SHIEET.
[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Anyway, if we say it in the standard East African accent, we won’t be infringing on the copyright.

At this rate will have to patent all swahili words, “Kikoi” went the same way.

so did “kiondo”

Namuanze na kunguru, kijiji and so on. Na msisahau 130kgs of pure fat… Sorry I mean muscle

@aviator mama shaitan kuja ASAP.

Next they will patent the name Simba in reference to a lion

It’s a trademark, si patent. Disney actually applied for it way before in the 90’s. It was only granted later kwa sababu there was some opposition. But it’s such a generic phrase so in case of infringement it should be easy to put a defense.