Hakuna Kuingia US ovy ovyo sasa

The Trump administration has rolled out a new questionnaire for US visa applicants worldwide that asks for social media handles for the last five years and biographical information going back 15 years.

Under the new procedures, consular officials can request all prior passport numbers, five years’ worth of social media handles, email addresses and phone numbers and 15 years of biographical information including addresses, employment and travel history.

While the new questions are voluntary, the form says failure to provide the information may delay or prevent the processing of an individual visa application.

Kwani US kumekuwa mbinguni???

Ati five years worth of what… Wacha tu nikae hapa nikienjoy my fren and Susultan…

So kwa hio kueshonea lazima nisalimishe the dryfry artist handle ?

Na history yote vile ulimdanganya msichana wetu the Mungich Princess vile ulimrada mbaka Khulichy akasaliwa… 15 years worth of “biological” info

Who has even the time to read my biographical information for my past 5year?

Sasa Shosho yangu na hata hajui social media ni nini,why take her through all that psychological torture if all she wants to visit her grandchild? ampelekee Ndūma…

US is not heaven, in any case they all are migrants !

Nope, the problem is other countries tend to follow what US does, soon other countries will implement similar laws

F**k their shupid requirements

Osha matako ya Abdul polepole

Mi niko hapa nasibanduki kuna nchi nyingi naeza enda holiday btw wewe hautoboi schiphol utakuja kuniambia

No. Other countries are laughing their innards out.

Since no one goes to the US to get some Mexicans, Red Indians or Rednecks, ni nini haiko European Union yenye iko US ?

Kenyan’s this days go to Australia for further studies ,very few people go to US.

Gun rights and Rap Culture :D:D

Hehe, DJ Shiti anaweza :D, For Gun’s rights, Mosul is a better candidate, you even get to shoot people and other live moving targets

Hehe … hata yeye ashakuwa mtu wa tissue paper kama uncle @jaymoh

mbinguni hakuna Visa

Hopefully you read the whole article and it emphasizes;

The State Department said earlier the tighter vetting would apply to visa applicants "who have been determined to warrant additional scrutiny in connection with terrorism or other national security-related visa ineligibilities.