Hakuna Kazi and Other Short Stories

As an entrepreneur, I must reveal that one of the hardest part of the hustle is recruiting and retaining employees.
Yani watu hukuja begging for work. You hire them and a few days later they have already started issues such as lateness, poor service to clients, failure to follow simple systems and procedures, not picking calls, etc. The guys literally forget that they were jobless a few days ago and they accepted the terms of service. Sometimes you are even kind enough to hire them without experience and train them on the job.
I am now convinced that Kenya does not have an unemployment problem but most people are not model employees.
The main problem with men is alcoholism and for women its laziness, unreliability, lateness, and absenteeism. Eventually, you find that you have only a handful of constant employees and the rest are a revolving door.
It has reached a point where I am considering never hiring anyone below 35 years. The 18-35 age group treats work like a hobby. It’s just easier to hire a 35+ person mwenye amepigwa na life habembelezi kazi.


Unafanya biashara gani? Na ninanusa hekaya hapa…

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100% true. Hii generation ya ma 1990s na 2000s ni Bure kabisa. Kazi ni YouTube na TikTok day in day out. Saa zote mecho Iko Kwa simu.

Pole Msito, nakuelewa. You even wonder, are youths serious with life.

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unless you are recruiting management and technical personnel, hire fresh graduates and young people

You are talking the truth. Young people are just a bad liability to most jobs. They take it like a leisure activity