Hakuna Haja Ya Kufanya Elections Kenya. 5th President Has Already Been SELECTED. August 2022 Is Just For Formality

Let me be just blunt wit the truth. Kama Raila alishinda 2007 na akanyanganywa live live hata Arap mashamba atanyangaywa tu. The wolves in power today would never hand over power to an adversary willingly.


Mount Kenya Mafia will rig in a friendly candidate to ensure that their ill gotten wealth is in safe hands. Sisemi eti Ruto ni mzuri yeye pia ni MWIZI lakini Kenyatta, Moi and crew ni WEZI SQUARED

Kuna wezekana itafika mahali dynasties zikiona Ruto anaelekea kuchukua PORK, hawata ngoja achukue wamnyaganye wata mumaliza kabla. After all sio hao watatokelezewa na RV warriors, ni ma peasant madoa doa huko RV ndio watakipata.

Ruto aende akasumame UG.

Niliwambia kitambo… the president has been picked . You guys will line up to rubber stamp… and I promise you si Arror


sio raira lakini

Usijali … mtashangaa tu

Muzee unasumbua.

ni chineese amechaguliwa? tukuwe province ya muchina

ODM cow thread detected.

Ruto and Raila should not be in the ballot .Both have deputized UK from 2013 -2017 & 2018 -to date .They have sabotaged Kenya economy through massive theft

Not only those but all the old politicians should be sent home. Kazi ni kucheza karata na wananchi

politicians are like that. talk about julius caesar, hitler, genghis khan, moi, jesus, whoever. its all the same. but there are some that can deliver something to the people while they do their thing. expecting leaders that are free of personal interests is talking about unicorns. most people insisting on perfection here are also masters of trying to have everything in their favor in their place of work, family, or business.