Hakuna Haaja Ya DNA - Carbon Copy



:smiley: ghaseer nyus

:D:D:D ingekuwa ni kenya, watu wangemkimbiza mathare hospital…

And they call us bonobos

Is this a prank? Or it’s mental sickness?

The latter is likely to be true, unapata wazungu wako zile za “ouu so lovely!! she’s so happy…”

Hawa watu wana freedom to do anything. Africa ndio hapana tambua upuss. Hii ni nut case

Wale watu wanaweza entertain hii opussy ni kina @Tauren pale kwa reddit r/Kenya

I’m not in r/kenya. What I meant is that reddit in general is a minefield of information. I find ktalk quite drab. There’s something wrong with most of you.

I read ingine where a white woman delivered a black baby whileas the husband is white.
So in her excuse, she accused the husband of sleeping with black women and thats the reason the baby was black. She did this amidst tears and she actually believed what she was accusing him of at the moment.
The nurses couldn’t tell because some were controlling their laughter and some were sympathetic to the man.
Some jungus are a nut case.

inaitwa “hamster.” She hamstered herself into believing her own bullshit. Kind of like in the biblical tale where two hoes were fighting over some smelly baby and king solommon got involved. One of the skanks knew she hadn’t given birth to the baby, but she hamstered herself into believing she did.

So King solommon said, “I don’t give a shit. Cut the baby in half.”

this is what happens if a female is not getting enough dick…someone should warn kapondi

postwall malaya @TrumanCapote