Haki Yetu Is Kenya's Downfall. Too Much Freedom

Kill a person or steal a Billion Shillings the Kenya constitution allows you to even post bail to prevent The Police from arresting you. What type of Freedom is this? Obando, Waitina, Kasaine are still governors even after embezzling public funds. We need a different leader such as Kagame, Kufuli or Matiang’i. We don’t need human rights for Economic Terrorists.

What can you do?
tuanze hapo

Edit this katiba and DELETE those clauses, secondly tupate a merciless dictator such as Rawlings ama Kagame


Only a cow like you would oppose the right to bail. Do you know that unaweza ukelewa chochote? Now what is the problem with you? if the buggers are found guilty, they will be imprisoned. But until then, let them enjoy their bail.

sonko’s arrest smells of a rat considering how many crooks are roaming and leading in offices,but hii ni kenya tutavumilia tu

I believe akina @Ndindu who always say that Africans have a brain maturity of a mentally handicapped monkey. Africans are a cursed race

We are not a cursed race not even close. We are not able to utilize our thinking capacity efficiently and reason hiyo ndiyo shida na waafrika wengi. I truly believe that this isa phase Kenyans will outgrow am not so sure about other African countries but i am optimistic about Kenya.

The first part of your comment is retarded,…are you a retard?..:smiley: