Haki Ya Mungu Mtafirwa bila Lube

Mimi sitahurumia mtu. Maji mliyavulia, kuoga lazima. Kalenjins wanaishi ocha wanategemea mahindi yao, hakuna shida watapata.
I thank God ile manual ilitumika Sudan Ruto aliichukua juzi, iko Nairobi. Tunangoja bei ya mkate iguzwe middle class waamke.

:D:D:DWe as collective citizens are pusssies…

That is a small deficit that can be whipped of by good spending house keeping. The Govt doesn’t need to raise taxes on essential goods. The IMF are silly because they are sitting in Washington with no skin in the game.

They have their own people at CBK, na kazi yao ni kuuza loan, na lazima wapate biz Kenya, mpende msipende

The IMF is the lender of last resort. when you have borrowed until nobody wants to pass near your ass, you give them a call. Now although they forward you a credit line, they also point out your flaws. In Kenya’s case, they are easy to spot. You can borrow to pay off loans this year, but what about next. Remember there are no more takers of your applications.

This is a fragment of an article in the Standard today 17/1/2020
This means taxes will keep going up up up with no let up.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) missed its half-year tax collection target by Sh88.3 billion, netting Sh857.8 billion over the period

I understand your concerns, and they are legitimate however, why does the negro in Africa find the need to play “negro”??
1.don’t ya’ll live in an independent republic?
2. This is a recomendation of by the IMF, don’t have brains to to suggest workabouts of such self defeating economic measures?

Kenya is looking to IMF for a bailout. That IMF cash has conditions attached.

Link, sani? I would like to read the whole article.

IMF pushes for higher prices of maize flour, cooking gas - Business Daily


It appears the IMF has to come in somewhere in these years prior to 2022 whether we like it or not.

Instead of Kenya looking out for solutions provided by IMF and WB, why can’t the GoK and treasury opt for world bank top tier trading to generate revenue? After all, that is how Europe was reconstructed after the 2nd WW.