Haki Hii Umalaya Imezidi

Just saw this Rehema 46 post by @rexxsimba : https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/rehema-46.243807/

I immediately recognized the Airbnb room this girl is in.

I once stayed in this very Airbnb. This room is in Nairobi West Suites on Kisauni Road in Nairobi West just next to Discount.

And I know this girl is from Tanzania. So someone flew in a Malaya from Tanzania and housed her in an Airbnb in Nairobi West. Haki hii umalaya imezidi.



Hawa fossil watakufa tuwachome.

So …
If a lady foreigner stays in an Airbnb , She is automatically a prostitute …??? :rolleyes:

siwezimind kumrarua


Meaty drum sticks

Dude, from this girl’s Instagram, you can clearly tell that she is selling. She has no clear job/business and she is always in hotels and Airbnbs.

let me prove to you that she is a prostitute…A minute

Thick legs…safi kabisaaa

siwesmind kumdinya kuma

By the same yardstick , is this one selling…??? :D:D




Here is the Kenyan businessman who flew her to Kenya for paid sex…Hehe see the car’s number plate and connect the dots…


Looks to me like a juvenile driving his Mum’s car …:D:D

@Mzee Mashavu Jesu! I have immediately seconded your name to DCI Mohamed Ibrahim so that you can head Malaya Investigative Agency (MIA).

handle ya ig ya huyu dem ni

Nonsense …
Suppose I can prove he is not the owner of that Car … ??? :D:D

we rexxsimba unakuwanga sucker for this whores lazima uwatete kila time

Hii advertising imezidi.

rexxumbwa amezoea kutetea wamama wenzake tushakujwa mama mkubwa wewe

siwezi stuka nikipata huyu dem anauzaa kwa those tanzania whatsapp groups.