Haka kamama ni Kajinga


She is right kikuyus must have one of their own in the upcoming elections for bargaining power. Let the vote be decided in a rerun

This time hatutaki hiyo kitu. Let’s vote for a person from another region

Hahaha. Chief, you Boomers will never change. Someone just needs to mention Raila and it’s back to factory settings at the ballot box. We Millenials are the same, though we like to cheat ourselves that we are more woke than our parents. Maybe Gen Z will break free of tribalism. Maybe.

Kikuyu bila our own kwa debe kutakuwa na voter apathy. Hivyo ndivyo januonista atachukuwa kiti by saa tatu. Siwezi rauka kuvotia mgondi.

Definitely would love to put my deek deep inside this one.

Alafu Mt. Kenya wamechoka and it’s time other tribes produce a President.

Pelekeni Bondo or anywhere else. Not Central nor Rift Valley. Kenya ni kubwa

Mungish munajipenda sana

Even if Raila runs for president, we have to look outside central province

Why not Rift valley?

Tafuta number urushe mtama

We will never make substantial progress as a nation if the bottom line of our voting arithmetic is ethnicity over competence, integrity and a good track record.

They had a president for 24yrs.It is time for president to come from any other region apart from Central and RV

If Raila is not on the ballot, we will spend the day in our tea farms

True dat. But akiwa tutafanya kumira kumira tumzuie kuingia ikulu

Sema mkisii mandre, bangi imekufikisha wapi Leo?

@Ndindu kuja patia hii kijana bonobo voting pattern, lesson 101:D

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