[SIZE=5]Mzito unaweka crush wa @uwesmake akibeba mpenzi wake mgongoni?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Unataka @uwesmake akunywe harpic? Alafu akule sponge imejaa sabuni?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Haya bas, Mukhisa AKA @uwesmake shikilia hizi:[/SIZE]


Wewe na ile jinga @Micymas mnafaa kutafutiwa kazi

Mimi niko kazi ya kupost 1000 thrrads per day ktalk. Ikiuma sana jinyonge na bigijii


The guy has skinny legs and big upper body, just like johnny bravo.

Most Africans have chicken legs genetics.


Is this an innocent observation ama ni trolling/body shamming?

Quite the opposite. I think Africans have massive legs. Have you seen white people?

An observation, look at his arms around her neck and his thighs legs around her waist… mind you he is wearing a thick material …

Nordic whites whites have thick thighs and legs… Its the spaniards and italians who are skinny.

People of european descent have strong/huge upper bodies while people of african descent have strong/huge legs.

To dig out caves you need a strong upper body, to run away from cheetahs you need strong legs.

Deadlift world record is held by hafthor from iceland @501 kg before that it was eddie hall from the UK @500kg, the world raw squat record is held by william ray jr @490 kg a black american. Top 100 fastest guys on earth ever 97 are black only 3 are white.

Forest monkey nikona 270kg raw squat na 28inch thighs.

Yani wanaume wanakagua mwananume amebebwa na dem mguu? Yani hamuoni hizo mapaja za Kwamboka?

leg day for who ? this guy spends his time in the gym working on his upper body

This is true of most lifters. They tend to focus more on the upper body development because it’s more visible. With legs you only notice growth when you increase the weight or when you can no longer fit into a pair of trousers. Just check out the biggest guys in your gym/neighbourhood. You’ll notice they avoid wearing shorts.

White people Wana mili kubwa saidi…wengine sio wote.

Visit Western and Nyanza. You must be from Gema.

White men have bigger calves, i think genetically.

Genetic. Ata pale Mr Olympia, black bodybuilders have that weakness.