Haiya ! Kwani Ruto aliingoa school fees subsidy?

Minority leader Opiyo Wandayi has called on President William Ruto to reinstate the subsidy on school fees.

Speaking on a video on Twitter on Wednesday, Wandayi said this will help ensure no student misses a place in high school, college or university because of lack of school fees.

“High school education was also substantially subsidised previously. The Ruto regime has removed the subsidy but insists strangely that school fees remain the same. We are going to demand the full reinstatement of the subsidy,” he said.

Hasla namaliswo kabisa.

Mtatii…am glad i didn’t waste my time voting…ningeishi na hiyo guilt.

Alisema… This year we hit the ground running… … :smiley: :smiley:

ni kama Ruto is a staunch fiscal conservative mtatii. Compared to Ruto, Kibaki and Uhuru are socialists

The purpose of any govt is to make life easier and better for the citizens. A govt is not like a business entity that focuses on profits.

Over supply of degrees in the market

Does fiscal conservatism extend to shrinking GoK’s budget to Kibaki era, or getting rid of wasteful positions like CAS ama ni mwananchi side pain only

The truth is, the government cannot afford to provide all Kenyans with education, unless it stops paying those hefty salaries to politicians and soldiers, stops losing money to corruption, and stops many other things. Which it will not do