Haiti (neo-con) connection


Haiti…no way inawesbebwa…tumekataa…mimi na…

So in a nutshell you have these two guys that were imposed by the US to rule indefinately after the assasination of the late President Moise.
Life has become unbearable foe the masses with violent gangs running the show.
So wananchi could not stomach the bs and allied with a former cop turned activist (bbq).
Bbq and his gang has restored order and safety in the boroughs of Port au Prince, giving people clean water, schools for children from nursery to primo…now because of these small gains the US becomes uneasy, start pumping in supplies to the criminals to cause havoc, so that they (US) can re enter backdoor:(

its an invasion with a racist underbelly , expect rape and careless murder and exploitation …wanatumia NATO instead of US army to evade some rules and its all BS.

the current haiti president is a letdown

Waliraidiwa 1915 na Wilson, katiba ikabadilishwa…na walipata free democratic elections early 90s for few months before waraidiwe tena na clinton 93…after coup…Haiti will never find peace for their original sin…the only real revolution of the 18th century…