Haiti-Kenyan forces in full effect: Anti Gang unit ready to be deployed

Forget about what Kenyan courts tell you. Kazi ni kazi.

High-ranking officials from both countries met in the U.S. for three days this week to draft a memorandum of understanding and set a deadline for the arrival of Kenyan police forces. The closed-door meetings included top U.S. officials and were held weeks after a court in Kenya blocked the U.N-backed deployment of police to help Haiti fight a surge in gang violence, saying it is unconstitutional.


Wewe uliona BBQ alifikia ule soja wetu huko Amerika akamaliza yeye, ogopa BBQ sana, hata presdent wao anaogopa kurudi


So, what would happen if tomorrow HE PORK WSR announced that Rachel Ruto had received a word from the lord saying .ke cops should not go to Haiti. So he announces cancellation of the whole .ke cop to Haiti thing.

What would be the consequences from the masters ?

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Bbq can’t even muscle local police of Haiti. Ameshindwa kufika ata airport. He is stuck in the slums. That’s where he’s calling all his activities. All it will take is a Public warning from Biden, na makende zake zita shrink akianza kuogopa kungolewa scalp yake na drone.

Meanwhile Rao anapitia katikati tena

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Kwa nini plesdent amejificha kama sio kuogopa BBQ

Hajajificha. He has been crisscrossing the globe looking for assistance. The UN already committed a force of 1000. And he knows that most Haitians do not want a gang environment. Interviews on the ground reveal so. So huyo bbq is empty talk. Hana support.

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Hana support? Are you this dumb?


Si achukue Kiti basi , mbona imemshinda. If he’s that popular. There’s no president kumustop.
And what is even stranger, is that UN/US don’t even want that Henry as President. They have asked him to step down.

Edelea kuamini propagada ya Amerika, BBQ is the people’s leader Haiti

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BBqs influence is as big as the thug Yutman Mgaza alias Eddy wa Dandora.

You fools forget, same person supplies both bbq and D-. He is a merchant of death.

Assassinated the president too.



Umeona mpaka raiyaa wanamtambua vinoma, e he is a mehn of speak and do, a mehn of action sio kama huyu jabass wetu

Just empty threat. This guy was being kept afloat by the government, they were paying him to kill opposition. He tried to raid a police college this week and was repulsed by almost unarmed cadets. There’s a bigger gang he’s in a fight with that has international support. That’s his fear. He’s been unable to faze them.

Even the people who escaped from prison, did not want to. Most were forced to escape under gunpoint. And according to word on the street, this was done to create a extra air of lawlessness in Haiti to summon more aid.
Don’t trust everything that you see.

Kuna turf wars in Haiti. Separate gang warfare and political warfare, then you get an understanding of everything.

Do you honestly believe all those people in history who received revelations were really receiving them? If you want people to do what you want unawaambia, “Ni Mungu amesema, si mimi!” They will never receive a revelation not inline with their interests.

Mimi niko Na intel from ground, Haiti police wako mafichoni baada ya kuona bbq amekuja kufingulia wafumgwa who were so happy, waliokataa na wale mamlukuli waliua presdent, otherwise everyone else was more than happy to join BBQ na ndio maana ninaoba BBQ makes it quick for our D-