Haiti gang members flee like rats ahead of imminent Kenya-led mission

@Lionheart BBQ atajua hajui. Kenya Police Force wanaenda huko kuwatolea machungu za Ian Njoroge. Form ni moja: kufinish kumalo.


This makes it even more challenging. Remember the Taliban goat fuckers fled Kabul when the U.S. arrived and went with their goats and sheep to the mountains which made it even more challenging. Now the force will have to spread itself thin to search and eliminate them. It would have been better wakiwa concentrated in the capital


The rationalisation and downplay begins.

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eee wacha wapotelee huko in the bush. The goal of the mission is to secure critical infrastructure and restore order, water, lights, food supplies and everything else the gangsters were sabotaging. Freedom is coming to Haiti.

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Hakuna kitu kama hii BBQ anaendea reinforcement to squish D-like the bugs they are

Don’t start wailing when the body-bags start streaming in. Hizi mbwa zetu zinapigwa kama burukenge na vijana wa 19 years have hands that only know how to handle bribes.wenpray for a quick end to their suffering, we don’t want them to be roasted over a slow fire by bbq.


A city is easy to encircle… An insurgency is a whole other beast because you have no idea where the enemy is… D- are dead on arrival


Insurgencies overwhelm even the most powerful armies. Kenyan cops should not celebrate yet.


I have lots of soda and popcorn, let the games begin. Which word do you think this man will say first? It must start with F.
Go figure.

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They are scared of our deadly police force.

We are the world police.


Did your contact on the ground flee @Ngimanene-Na-matharo

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Has bbq ever faced a modern military? Let that guy fire a weapon, he’ll be gone in 3 days tops.

Hivi ndivyo vijana ya Putin ina pepeta ukronazi huko avdiivka.

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Scared? Let’s wait this one out

450,000 dead :skull: Russian skulls ni kitu ya ku celebrate kweli?


Hehehehehehe …
I have lots of Soda and Popcorn too …

Historians and the better schooled in here will remember the false first Euphoria of occupying Forces in Vietnam , Afghanistan , Iraq and Somalia …

Premature Cheers , Celebrations and Victory proclamations were quickly followed by hard reality

In Afghanistan , for example , the USA and its coalition soon realized that they only controlled the giant Kandahar Coalition Airbase and a few parts of Kabul …!!

Fighting a Guerilla Type Insurgency is an extremely difficult undertaking

  • failure in Vietnam.
  • failure in Afghanistan.
  • failure in Iraq.
  • failure in Somalia.
  • failure in DRC.
  • failure in Mali.
  • failure in Chad.
  • failure in Northern Nigeria.
  • failure in Mozambique.

This is something that I predicted a few posts ago
And really smart move by Mr. Barbecue

And the Kenyan Police/KDF elements being sent into that hornets nest know it too.:rofl::joy:


Kama ni 450000 dead russian Ukraine has lost 2250000 dead.

The number is the same.

Wewe ni fala mang’aaa. Forced mobilization ni ya nini. Naskia huko wanaume wanatolewa Chini ya kitanda waende vita.

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Yah, niliona ata wakenya wakienda kupigania Putin.

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