Hail New US president. Most intelligent. USA mko pazuri







Trump orphans hamtalala?:D:D:D:D

Great! Let us see how TRAOump reacts now?

Apparently he got more votes than Obama’s record breaking perfomance. You can’t make this up. :D:D:D

This statistic is meaningless since almost every winning president in the US has been getting more votes than the previous one due to the increasing number of votes over time

Hail Biden for trumpling that Orange nutsack bigot of of a slump trump…orange twiddler nyumbani with his tweets:D:D

fcking troll

Donald Trump got less than Barrack Obama.
Bill Clinton got less than George Senior.
George Junior, Bill Clinton & George Senior over the span of 4 elections all got less than Ronald Reagan 2
Ronald Reagan 1 & Jimmy Carter both got less than Richard Nixon 2
Richard Nixon 1 got less than Lyndon Johnson, John F Kennedy & Dwight Eisenhower 16 years before him
Harry Truman got less than Franklin Roosevelt got for 3 successive elections before him.
Calvin Coolidge got less than Warren Harding.
This list has gone back 100 years and only skipped 1 President. Herbert Hoover never got less votes than any predecessor. 92 years ago.

Simple reasoning

That is why I said almost, out of the last 4 presidents (Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden) only Trump didn;t achieve this. Also, Donald trump this year got more votes than all presidents ever except Biden of course, so again it is meaningless

Bush got less than a president 16 years before him though. Kind of negates your original argument. So from all those presidents I have listed. Only Obama and Biden have never gotten less than a predecessor. Trump, Bush Junior, Clinton, Bush Senior, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon. ALL got less than a predecessor.