the duck is waiting for a threesome

why is there a nude khoisan staring instead of hunting? why is the duck watching while sitting? why is that pig being molested by a fucking kangaroo? what’s wrong with the kangaroo raping a cool pig while being watched? why did the photographer go ahead with getting shots instead of giving the already ferking animals some privacy? This pic is wrong in many ways!!!

Lokeshen : Some playing field

Kangaroo : @culture

Pig : Unknown singo matha

:D:D:D:D we @culture hehehe lipa two ya kunguru

it’s a goose

Usisahau singo matha ananyesha :eek:

Goose: Kevo the friend.

Khoisan: The sponsor

All consenting adults !!!

huyo @ndauwo huko nyuma si aende atafute simba anyandue

My fellow priest, what are these you posted??? … and therefore your intentions?

Yaweza kuwa duka?

Also that kangaroo is gay. Hiyo nguruwe Haina boobs/tits. Unless Ni microboobs

Clawmatsu ya kangaroo iko on point