Hahaha silly short Oga kapewa funzo na Tyrone

migrants muheshimu natives na sio tafadhali

Vita za hapa kijiji on point:D:D:D:D

Nikislapiwa ivo hio nyang’au itajua risasi sio ndengu

Huyu mjamaa anawekewa makofi but ni kama anadai more please, more

Nimefeel hizo makofi bana, not fair on the the black Tyrion Lannister:D

Not nice at all. Oga was dazed, he forgot to use his feet–to kick with.

Eardrums gone

There was a lot of stifled emotions around those slaps. Hope the Oga is able to retain his hearing

He’s lucky he wasn’t shot in the head. What was the oga thinking?! These people are dangerous. I don’t even make eye contact with most of them especially black dudes. It’s not worth it.

@administrator is there a way to block mods?

Tyvirious si ataua Innocent Goodhope Oladipo…