Haha, Whose Brother Is This. Old Ktalker Embarrassed by MC Jessy

Msee alikuwa ameenda kuhunt slaykwin akatoanishwa yake yote :D:D:D. All jokes on Churchill are stereotypes and tribal. Boring as Fek


Show is just too predictable hata naweza kushow ya next month itaanza hivi
Churchill…u must have been a beautiful baby
Jessy…Thiongo, madam wa kiambu…bla bla

the cameraman zooms in on the old man when jessy mentions watafute kimtu sura hivi hivi…very unprofessional

I know, it’s degrading to.

Na mwingine kila siku ni 'babangu hii, babangu ile…babangu… ’ babangu makachieth

Must be a 20something ‘boy’…

Watu bado huwatch shashil?

Na Karis na cucu yake.

They can be tribal but need creativity to it. Luo-fish, Kisii-Banana, jokes etc just shows lousy preparation on the comedians.


Ali feel vile. Pale high school assembly motivational speaker akiongea kuhusu masturbation na, morning ulikuwa umegurumisha bajaj

It’s now a trend to visit Kenyan homes in the US and find a whole group ogling youtube recordings of these and they often chastise me for not finding any of the characters funny. Most of them should be engaged as writers paid to provide material to Churchill. They would then be paid if the joke is used in an episode, with the amount paid depending on laughs generated. This would make them think hard and come up with “entertaining” materials beyond simple overused tribal jokes.

Kwa tumeskia umevisit hones mooooob in the us

Nikama zile jokes za Churchill:



It’s all that’s pushed to them to watch locally. Name any other well produced show that runs virtually all year from Kenya?

  1. Churchill is way bigger than you imagine. It’s not my cup of tea(though there’s some good talent hapo ndani), but it’s many other peoples. Let it keep running and it will ‘correct’ itself eventually as the audience gets more ‘sophisticated’.

Lakini Churchill mwneyewe will never evolve from ‘Wakikuyu hufanyaaa…Wajaluo hufanyaaaa…’

I hate that show. They run out of jokes. Every comedian does a stupid impersonation of a Somali accent kila mara Sasa hubore tu. Hakuna show huisha bila waria kutajwa.

uncalled for the man should sue