Haha. Someone who hates being woken up by the alarm more than me

Reminds me of high school where a girl’s alarm clock was thrown out of the window into the mud and rain. Damn. That thing was loud. To this day I don’t use any alarm. My system just finds other ways to wake me up. Unless I sleep late.


Mbaba ndiye huyu… Mashallah anpendeza but Hawa majamaa brown wa kusonga nywele ogopa. Effeminate maybe on the Down Low too


Sugar baby vibes… @Finest wine and @Freyja maoni? Sugar baby au mbambaz?


Total nonesense

Kam and listen to this one…you introduced me to Jimal, Amber Ray and Amira years ago…


Ameacha Wangari na mtoto? I saw this coming.Men love bitches. They will do anything for the women who show them their back. Ride or die like Wangari best friends always get played

it just goes to show what my Shosh taught me. Thoo ya mutumia ni mutumia mwenzake…Wangari was playing best friend to Jimal whilst shagging that awful Walalo!!!

When a man starts calling you his best friend… Women always think that they are better than the rest. You see a man cheating on his wife but you think he will not cheat on you bcz you are special. Wangari BFF is about to be a single mother of two before Jamal picks his next victim.

You mean Wangari ako na mtoto from a previous relationship? this is another area Kenyan women need a lot of education on. Wacha kupeleka your child from a previous relationship to a Kenyan man. They don’t have it in them…kulea mtoto wa mwanaume mwingine.

She has a girl like 4 years old and now another girl from Jimalaya. She is about to be a single mother of two like Amber Ray and Amira. It’s actually a miracle nowadays to meet a woman who is not a single mother beyond 25.