Hadmin..kibonyezo changu hakijionyeshi kwenye rununu

@admin Kile najaribu kusema ni kwamba katika rununu yangu kwenye sekshen ya chapisha ukurasa(post thread) nafasi ya kuweka message (add text) inabofya lakini haileti the textbox cursor. Ideally I can only be able to input text in the tittles of a new thread but not in the “add additional information” section normally found below the thread title. Additionally I cant reply to neither posts, threads of comments cuz the textbox shows but on clicking, cursor wont appear and consequently the keyboard doesn’t respond. This problem is limited to my mobile phone; Sony experia z4 clone. Everything works fine on pc so my predicament is that I can only be able to read posts and threads and comments but not able to reply to them on my mobile. Any insights? @Deorro kuja hapa

in English please, not eloquent in Swa

Hehehe…jifunze Swahili ama kitungu ichomeke

:D.Shida iko hapa.


what’s unbelievable?

hifone iliibiwa na singo mother

Unatumia browser gani?

uc & default android browser

hakunanga default android browser
both browsers kuko hivyo?

eeh zote ni ngori alafu am thinking nidownload chrome ya appstore…,

kuna chrome ingine?

i think so…the android default browser i was talking about its kinda an earlier version of chrome but cannot be updated via appstore like most stock android apps like contacts,messages,backup etc

unatumia android Gingerbread?

ebu a screenshot of ktalk on mobile

Aty gingerbread:D:D:D hizo hata hazikua na screenshot ability without third party apps and rooting

@Mshikadau am still waiting for a reply. did you try a different browser?

google chrome iko fine


Same thing is happening on my Blackberry device, i can add a title but can’t seem to load the textbox for typing a paragraph for any particular thread.

try a different browser if still happening then use Android or IOS because blackberry OS is no longer maintained