Hadi Maskio Inafinyiliwa kwa Kichwa

This is starting to look unhealthy and dangerous. Kwani wanashindana na atwoli


This is indiscipline. In just two years?
Our ancestors are repaying him for his bad leadership. You never know how ancestors will react. They can decide to just inflate you to unmanageable proportions.

Liver cirrhosis.
Mashavu, rangi ya macho inaonyesha dalili.

This is ascites a sign of advanced liver cirrhosis. Mpatie at most two years.

Ktalk doctors never disappoint…as tax payers and voters could you also help us understand the conditions afflicting our other politicians based on the following symptoms;
Man Giddy…relatively lean frame despite being an African billionaire and Prince.
MDVD…forever ballooning despite his uncertain political future
Ruto…sudden weight and hair loss
Rao…teary eyes

He looks so swollen I wonder if this is hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) where liver failure causes kidney disease as well. There’s a comment there of someone saying “anakula vizuri.” Noo!! Our president is in bad shape and with the recent developments in TZ, Chad (bad luck always comes in 3s), just praying for this man to lay off the bottle and seek medical attention. I hope his doctors are tuned in.

Hiyo mimi hainijalishi. Bora halalamiki

Okay. Experts mmesema ni liver cirrhosis?? Safi sana. Any other good news??


Si Alai alisema this guy has that disease and he is on medication.

Handshake, BBI, Corona, IMF = Ohuru being bulky

Pombe na bangi just like @uwesmake

But si hii ghaseer inaeza afford liver mpya? His mother is even capable of ordering the murder of a useless peasant like @BBIsiMuhimu if he has a compatible liver and blood type.

Kwa ivo sasa mumesema ni liva sairosis??

Ukiwa na pesa you can afford to misuse your body organs kama liver. Unauua mtu kama lichoti and transplant a healthy, navy seal, luhya liver :smiley:

How is Uweschot’s liver healthy when its ravaged by HIV AIDS??

:D:D. You mean ARVs imemaliza hio liver!

Handshake=less stress=good sleep

Huyu ni kuenda anaenda. Mko na plan B?

Kalonzo siku izi ameingia acting